Welcome to In Balance Pilates Studio


Level 1 Reformer

This basic reformer class will form an essential foundation to your pilates practice. This class will lay the groundwork concentrating on centering and controlling movements, breathing, precision, proper alignment and flow.

Level 1.5 Reformer

This intermediate reformer class will take your pilates practice to the next level. Increasing the intensity of exercises, layering and progressing to challenge your proprioception.

Level 2 Reformer

This fast paced advanced reformer class offers more complex, challenging exercises intended to boost your strength and flexibility. Promoting better posture and balance to further build onto your pilates practice. 

Level 1.5 Reformer Barre

This barre class mixes together dance and pilates to give you a fun, energetic, high energy workout. Focusing on shaping and toning the booty and legs!

Level 1.5 Reformer Jump

This jump class is a high intensity cardio class done on the Reformer. This class will elevate the heart while applying our favorite principles; control, precision, breath and flow. Done while lying on your back on the reformer this is a great way to incorporate cardio into your practice with less impact on your knees and hips.


Stretchilates is a gentle and restorative class utilizing the foam roller, trigger point ball, magic circle, reformer and chair to maintain long, lean muscles. This class will leave you feeling relaxed and supple.

Level 1.5 Reformer TRX

This TRX class cross trains with the Reformer and suspension straps. Working against your own body weight the trainer will improve strength and balance engaging the whole body in every exercise.